Like no wedding you've been to before

Friday Sept 13st - Sunday Sept 15st 2013


The official lineup!

Get ready….

1. John Webster – Dad
Effective Communication Techniques: Saving a Marriage and Saving Lives
Categorizing the information, Gender & Personality Considerations; Structured Communication in healthcare…talking to your doctor

2. John Webster – Brother
“Explaining the basic mathematical patterns of site-swap and multiplex juggling”

3. Bryan Russel
Title: “Seeing” the future
Abstract: I will talk about 3-5 ways in which computer vision will impact our lives in the near future. Some will be profound, others humorous.

4. Andy Friedman
“Testing Quantum Mechanics with Astronomical Observations”

Andy Friedman will discuss a thought experiment he’s been working on with colleagues at MIT (and the South Pole!), which would test something about quantum mechanics with the help of astronomical observations. The experiment is something that could actually be built in the real world, and has implications not just for theoretical interpretations of our best fundamental physical theory of the subatomic world, but practical applications regarding how secure future quantum cryptography could be, and philosophical applications like whether experimenters truly have free will to choose how to set up our experiments in the first place.

5. Megan Lan and Levi Barclay
“Critical Toilet Paper Measurements”: Everything you need to know to avoid the dreaded experience of Poke-Through (otherwise known as “Tabbing”). A frequent traveler’s guide to surviving divergent toilet paper standards when visiting far-flung places. Delivered by a long-time toilet paper scientist.

6. Deva Dawson
“Worldwide, some 827.6 million people live in urban slums. By 2020, it is estimated the world slum population will reach almost 1 billion.”

Overwhelmingly large scale global problems often seem unapproachable and unsolvable. As a response, individuals, including myself, often have difficulty finding a path of action and fail to engage. I submit to you a slightly different way of thinking about it and share how a potent combination of individual’s physical labor, cultural exchange, monetary donations, advocacy and heart is helping to address the issue of poverty housing across the nation and throughout the world one home at a time.

7. Ian Ball
“Why doctors are far more likely than the general public to have DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders.”

Most people squirm at the thought of having a DNS order and never talk to their doctor about it. But most doctors themselves have standing DNS orders. What do doctors know that the general public is missing?

8. Darren Fleming
“Creating an inspiring office”

Can’t wait!!! :)