Like no wedding you've been to before

Friday Sept 13st - Sunday Sept 15st 2013


Staying abreast of advancing technology we have a special wedding app available for download.

The app is called “Wedding Party”. You can find it on in both the iPhone and Android stores (it’s free!)

If you have a smart phone, please download it before you come to the wedding. We’ve already started sharing pictures on it as well as directions and maps of the Naturebridge area – so you will get something as soon as you download it. We will continue to provide updates before and during the wedding through the app.

And here is the best part: While you are at the wedding you can take pictures with the app and have those pictures be shared with everyone at the wedding (who has the app) in real time. You can also go onto our WeddingParty website and pull up all of the pictures after the wedding (you can also take pictures with your normal phone camera and upload them afterwards). Since there is Wifi on site you can take part in all the action for the full weekend.

Here’s how to get started:
(1) Go to the app store and download “Wedding Party”
(2) Join our wedding. Our wedding is called (appropriately) “edwardandjessica”
(3) Start checking out pictures, uploading pictures and getting excited for the wedding!
(4) You can also check out the live page of pictures that are already uploaded here:

To make things even more fun we have created an iSpy game. In the app you will find a note with a list of pictures to be taken. To win the game you need to take all of the listed pictures with the app (or with your phone and then download to the app). Some of the pictures are harder than others, so do your best!

We have never been to a wedding that used an app like this, so it’s a bit of an experiment. We are excited for you to be part of it. Yay!