Like no wedding you've been to before

Friday Sept 13st - Sunday Sept 15st 2013


First: We don’t like the idea of receiving presents. Most of you are already traveling a long way at your own expense to be at our wedding. That is more than enough gift for us! Please just come and enjoy yourself!

Second: We definitely don’t need more STUFF. In fact maybe if you insist on giving a gift, that gift could be coming into our condo and taking something away. Please don’t fill our place with more THINGS. We have two of everything already. Half our cutlery is stored in the hallway closet because it doesn’t fit in our kitchen! This is what happens when you get married in your mid thirties instead of your early twenties…

Third: OK. We have been told in no uncertain terms that some people are insisting on getting us something. We understand this is what people do at weddings. We are bowing to the pressure.
If you insist on getting us something, here is what we have for you:
We have utilized an innovative website to detail out a large number of activities we are expecting to do on our honeymoon. You can see the list here:

Instead of buying us a THING you can buy us an activity (or a consumable) on our honeymoon. We will bring the list with us and when we do that thing or activity we promise to think of you!

But again: This is absolutely not necessary. Please just come and enjoy our wedding celebration!

Edward & Jessica