Like no wedding you've been to before

Friday Sept 13st - Sunday Sept 15st 2013


We’ve gotten lots of questions beginning like … “uhh, what should we bring and wear to this shindig?” :) … so here are some thoughts that hopefully will help!

Non-wedding part of the weekend:

  – Totally casual – bring hiking/canoeing/outdoorsey clothes to run around and play in :)

 –  Recommend you have at least a raincoat or poncho or umbrella jussssssssssst incase the rainforest does decide to rain on us… but the first two weeks in Sept are some of the driest all year — so keep your fingers crossed!

  – Do be sure to have a fleece or jacket just in case it is a little cooler in the evenings, so that you can be comfortable outside- be it at dinner or around the camp fire!

 –  Sun block, bug spray, and a head lamp couldn’t hurt either!

 – For those staying at Naturebridge, you do NOT need to bring sleeping bags (unless you love yours and want it!) — NatureBridge provides bedding :)

Wedding itself:
First and foremost – be comfortable, relaxed, and casual is totally fine! :)

Ladies, you can absolutely be in sundresses or skirts if you’d like! If you have a hankering to wear a cocktail dress you never get to wear, that’s fine too – but definitely not needed! Bridesmaids will be in knee length dresses! Since we’ll be out in the grass, I definitely recommend flats, like sandals or rhinestone encrusted flipflops 😉 … wedges might be ok, but i’d be a bit worried that with any pointy heels that you might sink right into the grass and look more like a stuck-in-place lawn decoration than a fluidly moving partygoer :)

Men! Pants and shirt would be good :) … no need for tie or jacket unless you like wearing them! Ed says wearing a hat would be fun! … hehe.

Both: assuming no rain, we’ll have the ceremony and dinner and dancing outside… so do bring a fleece or sweater to be able to throw on top if it does get cooler!

there may be a fair amount of fun accessories (boas anyone?!?) that come out during the evening :) … wheee!