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Friday Sept 13st - Sunday Sept 15st 2013


The Olympic Peninsula


The Olympic Peninsula is a magical place. It is the only rain forest in North America.

For more information, check out:

  1. The wikipedia page
  2. The wikitravel page
  3. The official Olympic Peninsula website
  4. The National Park Service Info Site

Naturebridge has put together a list of neat things to do nearby (and places to eat if you extend your stay): Naturebridge recommendations



A couple of our favorite things to do in the broader area include:

  1. Hiking the longest “spit” in North America (5 miles long!) up to the lighthouse
  2. Driving to the top of Hurricane Ridge and hiking along the ridge to get a view of Seattle from above
  3. The Sol Duc Hot Springs are a 30-45 minute drive from Naturebridge that you may even want to stay at if you come early/stay longer
  4. About a 20 minute drive from Naturebridge there was once a dam. Two years ago the dam was removed and the lake it created turned back into a river. You can now explore the old lake bead – which is now a a rocky field with small trees just starting to poke through. There is even an old eroded row boat half-buried in the middle of the ‘field’. Ask for directions at Naturebridge on the best way to get to the former lake

(And if you are a Twilight fan, Fork, Washington – home of Bella, Edward and Jacob – is just a few miles west of Naturebridge. Check out and for more information)

It’s a very beautiful area and we are excited to share it with you!


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